Banking & Finance Solutions

With uncertainty comes opportunity. Companies who properly assess risk and plan for the future will be best positioned to capitalize on a ‘new normal’.

EXPERTS offers help in:

  • Finance requirements
  • Assessment of current trends
  • Implementation of strategic changes to position businesses for long-term success.

In today’s digital era, demand for high performing, lean, and adaptable finance organizations has never been greater. As we all assess the short and long-term impact of COVID-19, recognizing its effects within organizations and with customers will be critical in positioning teams for short-term sustainability and longstanding success. Our finance effectiveness expertise will provide a vision during these turbulent times and position companies to thrive through the challenges ahead.

For matching your funding requirements with the right banks & financial institutions, our services include:

Providing detailed perspectives to your audited financial reports complying with the bank’s criteria.

Finding the optimum funding options explicitly designed to support your business requirements (Working Capital Finance & Project Finance & Debt Restructuring).

Working Capital Finance

We help you identify possible partnerships with banks and or financial institutions and avail the sources of funding that best suit your practices.

  • Overdraft: allows you to cover short term cash flow issues and immediate expenses.
  • Procurement Loan/Loan Against Trust Receipt/Document Credit Facility: to settle invoices or purchase orders from domestic and international suppliers.
  • Invoice/bill or Cheque discounting: to gain instant access to cash at a certain percentage of the value of unpaid invoices or cheques.
  • Letter of Credit: to aid in your domestic and international trade requirements.
  • Bank Guarantees (Tender Bond/Performance Bond/Advance Payments Guarantee): to fulfill requirements of projects.
Project Finance

To structure finance for large projects, it is necessary to have a team with extensive experience and specialist expertise to ensure that the complex process runs smoothly and on time.

We have consulted on several major project finance transactions in Qatar, which means we have all the necessary experience to handle your project and structured finance requirements.

Sectoral expertise includes:

  • Contracting and Construction
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Trading

Facilities to benefit from under project finance includes:

  • LC Loan/Loan Against Trust Receipt/Document Credit Facility (DCF)
  • Equipment loan
  • Project Short Term Loan
  • Project Overdraft
  • Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guarantees: Tender Bond (TB), Performance Bond (PB), Advance Payment Guarantee (APG)
Debt Restructuring

Our team can review and analyze the business’s debt position, either with bank or financial institution or with other related parties, through well planned steps and actions:

  • Prepare business & Debt analysis details
  • Finding financing options if any
  • Prepare professional debt Re-structuring proposals
  • Help negotiate the best options for enhancing the debt situation of the business

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